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School Liaison


Christine Harrison, Head of History Priory Middle School

Her team

Helen Sygrove Dun Town Cl

Shauna Dyke   (former Acting Head at Watling Lower School

The team will

Ensure that the project meets the medieval curriculum needs and more!

This will be in the content of the website, the exhibitions, and the fun element of learning

Put worksheets and quizzes on the website

To date:

Meetings between the schools and Helen Sygrove have begun.

The Middle and Upper schools History Liaison Group meet termly.  Christine Harrison has introduced initial plans to the group in October 2011 which will be further developed.Christine is collaborating with Shauna Dyke, former acting Head at Watling Lower School, to encourage lower schools to participate.

Year 7 students learn about life in Medieval Britain from 1066 - 1485.  

N.B.:    Although our focus is primarily Medieval for the 2013 Celebrations the importance of Dunstable and the Priory are just as relevant to Yr 8 students.

Year 8 students learn about life in Britain from 1485 - 1750.

Related Learning Topics:

Year 7:

The importance of religion in Medieval England.

A day in the life of a monk.

Knights and War.

The life of a knight.

Jousting and heraldry.

Living in a  medieval town - housing/shopping.

Law and order - punishments.

Medieval medicine

Who healed the sick?

How? Cures and potions.

The Black Death.

Important visitors to the town - Kings and Queens.

Year 8:

Henry VIII, his divorce and the Priory’s involvement.

Henry’s changes to the Church.

The aftermath - Dissolution of the Monasteries.


Civil War.

Important visitors to the town - Kings and Queens.

Author Christine Harrison


Christine Harrison