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Audio Guides

Audio Guides at Priory House

Tour the Augustinian Hidden Priory with an Audio Guide:

Available from Priory House for a small charge of £2.50 with a refundable deposit of £10

Step back in time to February 1461 and hear the sounds of the medieval priory.

Follow Brother Thomas as he shows a visitor through the cloisters, into the church and past the royal apartments, and explains what life was like for the canons.

The story written by Jean Yates was recorded by Hollie Plowman, Jak Seward and Tom O’Brien from the Music Technology Department, University of Bedfordshire.

The actors are Phil Baker as Brother Thomas, Chris Young as the Ferrers family chaplain Dr. Ralph and Phoebe Clear as Alicia,  with Jean Yates as narrator. Hugh Garrod’s tour of the inside of the Priory Church is spoken by Veronica Yates.

Sample of the guided tour can be heard here.